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Easy tips to grow your Email Database

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Email marketing should be part of your overall social media and online marketing strategy.

Social media is a great way to draw interest to your website, but what if those potential customers come, visit your site and decide to buy….well, later….much later. You don’t know who you missed out on and even worse, you have not captured any of their information.

People are reluctant to sign up for email newsletters on your website, most people, need well, a bit of an incentive!

There are many ways to grow your list without being too aggressive and turning people away.

Make sure you capture all the emails of your current customers.

Your current customers are your best customers they are the ones that will help you grow your email list because they will come (if they are happy) for your services and share that information with friends.

If you own a restaurant, take an email at reservation or sign up for an online reservation services such as UReserve, who capture that data online. But be sure to capture all phone in data, people calling for reservations, people calling for a hotel room, people inquiring by phone. Many companies miss out on this important data by not training sales people or receptionists to ask for that data. If you are using limited resources, this is a must!

Create a popup box discount on your website.

If you are creating a lot of social media content that is driving people to your site, then a great way to capture browsers or shoppers is via a discount signup. A great example of this is on

There are many ways to implement popups with plugins for WordPress and Magento. WordPress Plugins include Opt In Monster or many email programs offer WordPress Plugins such as Constant Contact and or Hubspot ( a more in depth marketing tool).

Offer a blog subscription on your website.

If you blog regularly you can create a subscription to that easily in WordPress, where the emails will be collected on your dashboard and every user will be notified of your new blog post.

Create an offer on Facebook.

If you have a small Facebook following this usually does not generate too much interest but if you promote it using Facebook Ads, it will generate a lot more interest. A free giveaway is something everyone wants to share, make it something fabulous, a product you already sell. A great App for this on Facebook is Offerpop which charges a monthly subscription.

Free Downloads.

Offer free downloads, guides, white papers etc. that require an email before downloading.

Now that you have those emails? How do you use them!! Here is a great infographic on how to setup your email!!

If you need help getting started, contact us today!

We specialize in WordPress Development and Social Media Integration for WordPress! Find out what we can do at


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Lysa Miller

Lysa Miller is the founder of Ladybugz Interactive in Hudson, MA. She has made the cover of the Boston Business Journal's Book of Lists, named Women-Owned Agencies to Watch out for by Agency Vista, recognized by Cloudways as a top-ten women-owned agency, and in 2023 named in the top 3 women-owned agencies the US by In just over two years Miller has built a digital agency with over 50 biotech, non-profit, and B2B clients. Miller is active in the local community as a board member of Fresh Start Furniture Bank and an elected corporator at Main Street Bank.

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