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With a new year comes new opportunities, and that’s no different for Lysa Miller, Founder & CEO of Ladybugz Interactive Agency, and Michelle Mercier, Business Growth Consultant and creator of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC)’s  Women’s Professional Networking Group. Ladybugz Interactive sponsored the first Women’s Professional Networking Group monthly lunch series. It held its first event on January 25th at the Marlborough Public Library, supporting local women.

Additional sponsors for the event included Alltown Fresh, Main Street Bank, Christopher Heights’ of Marlborough, and Middlesex Savings Bank.

It all starts with an idea.

Relationship building and networking are near and dear to Miller’s heart. So when she heard that Michelle Mercier was going to start the Women’s Professional Networking Group as a part of the MRCC, she was all in.

“[The MRCC] and I had several conversations [prior to COVID] and although it was a great idea, especially since I run the MetroWest Women’s Network, I just could not commit to it based on my previous job,” said Miller.

Then on March 17th, 2020, the world shut down.

And then of course, COVID happened.

Quick on her feet, Miller had to pivot, think smarter and harder than ever before. “I left my job and had to build a company all over again, and I had no time to help with that vision. I also had to put the MetroWest Women’s Network on hiatus.” 

In the later half of 2023, with the help of Mercier and Leia Owen, Marketing Consultant, approached Miller out of kindness and got the MetroWest Women’s Network back up and running after more than 3 years on hiatus.

“My company is now running smoothly and the timing was perfect,” Miller said. “So when Michelle decided to lead this movement with the Marlborough Chamber, I decided to sponsor the series through my company Ladybugz, along with purchasing tickets for all six events.”

Women's Professional Networking Group MRCC 1 - Ladybugz.

The first event in January had approximately 40 women attending.

“The energy that filled the room during our first meeting was electric,” said Mercier.  “Women were ready and willing to support one another right out of the gate. That’s a testament to bring women together in support of the common good!” 

Women’s Professional Networking Group offering a ‘Safe and Supportive Environment’

Mercier felt that there was something missing from MRCC. As a coach and consultant, wanted to fill that hole with something meaningful to help the masses.

“I chose to create the Women’s Professional Networking Group because I saw that there was a hole in the offerings at the [Marlborough Regional] Chamber of Commerce that needed to be filled,” said Mercier. “Also, part of my mission as a business owner is to help women fulfill their true potential. I can think of no greater way to do it than by bringing incredible, smart women into a room to collaborate.” 

Mercier also believes it will offer business owners a safe and supportive environment. They can learn and grow their business through building relationships with other like-minded individuals.

Women's Professional Networking Group MRCC - Ladybugz.

What is the Women’s Professional Networking Group?

According to the MRCC website, the Women’s Professional Networking Group is a monthly lunch gathering created to foster connections, provide support, and promote knowledge-sharing among women in business. The luncheon meetings will serve as a platform for networking, idea exchange, and personal growth.

The main goals and values of the Women’s Professional Networking Group are to:

Build Connections:

Expand your professional network by connecting with like-minded women in the business community.

Support Local Women:

Create a supportive environment where women can share experiences, challenges, and successes.


Benefit from engaging discussions and guest speakers covering a variety of topics relevant to personal and professional growth.

“The series is a great way to expand your networking, along with just getting out of the comfort zone of your home office,” said Miller. “It was excellent to meet some new faces and see old faces.”

Interested in being a part of a group with like-minded individuals and supporting local women? Join the Women’s Professional Networking Group!

This lunch series includes future lunch meetings with time and location to be determined:

February 29th; March 28th; April 25th; May 23rd; and June 20th.

Frequent social media updates will be posted to the MRCC’s website and Instagram.

Women's Professional Networking Group MRCC - Ladybugz.

If you are interested in attending the monthly series, Chamber member pricing is $30, and non-member pricing is $35 as a one time guest. You can also reserve your spot by purchasing all 6 sessions for $150 at a discount. You can visit MRCC’s website to learn more information.

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