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Local community education organization merges three programs under one new name and website.

Community Education Website Design

Website Project Overview

This community education center in Massachusetts provides adults and children alike with opportunities for learning and building job skills. Each of their core programs originally had its own website. They approached our digital agency to combine these four websites into one cohesive version.

Community Education Website Redesign Challenge 

Assabet Community Education is made up of four programs. They offer practical nursing and technical job-building courses. Additionally, they provide after-work adult education and technical programs for middle school children. Each program had its own education website with dozens of pages of information. These sites were difficult to navigate. For example, users would call the organization with questions they could not find answers to online. 

As part of a complete organizational overhaul, Assabet tasked our digital agency with combining these four sites into one community education website. Ultimately, the challenge was to give four entirely different sites the same look and tone. 

Because each program had its own team, our designer had more than a dozen contacts on this project. It was a unique challenge to work closely with such a large team, and take everyone’s needs into account. 

Perhaps the greatest challenge of all was parsing down four websites worth of information into one. Although there were more than 60 original webpages, the team had to condense it to about 12.

Community Education Website Redesign Solution

Our designers began by pulling all of the colors and fonts from the four legacy sites. Together with the Assabet team, they decided which elements should carry over to the new community education website. Additionally, our designers created a new logo for Assabet. 

In order to maintain the independence of each program while combining them onto one site, our designers assigned each its own color. Each is easily distinguishable, but coordinated under the umbrella of Assabet Community Education. 

In order to reduce 60 pages of content to 12, our team worked closely with the Assabet employees to understand their true communication and SEO needs. Together, they eliminated redundancy, and linked to other sites where appropriate. 

The result is an aesthetically pleasing modern education website that ranks in Google searches. The website is simple to navigate and makes it easy for future students to sign-up for courses.

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