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Main Street Bank Appoints Local Web Design Company CEO as Corporator.

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Lysa Miller, our web design company’s visionary CEO, will join Main Street Bank’s newest group of esteemed corporators.

Main Street Bank, a leading mutual bank serving Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, announced the appointment of its newest corporators in early August. The election took place at their annual meeting and reflects the bank’s ongoing commitment to engaging with its customers, communities and fostering a culture of collaboration and shared success.

Bank corporators are esteemed depositors who play a crucial role in shaping the direction of the bank. They are responsible for electing the mutual holding company’s trustees, approving changes in the mutual holding company’s by-laws and corporate structure, and acting as ambassadors of the bank within the communities it serves. Main Street Bank believes that the involvement of corporators is essential in maintaining a strong connection with its customers and neighbors, ensuring their voices are heard.

The newly elected corporators of Main Street Bank include:

  1. Keri De Almeida, Owner/President of Brothers Market
  2. Mark Bogosian, Owner of Longfellow Design Build, Inc.
  3. Luiz Thomaz Dacosta, Owner/CEO of Modular Concepts, LLC
  4. Stefanie Ferrecchia, Realtor with Dora Naves & Associates, Inc.
  5. Meredith Harris, Executive Director of the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation
  6. Craig Hunt, Owner of Hunt’s Mobil
  7. Lysa Miller, Owner of Ladybugz Interactive
  8. Tony Molina, Developer and Real Estate Investor
  9. Nicholas Pelletier, President of Pelletier Properties
  10. Carolyn Read, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of North Central MA
  11. Christopher Yates, Real Estate Attorney at Fletcher Tilton PC”

World-class web design company for biotech companies and more

Lysa Miller founded Ladybugz Interactive Agency during COVID-19 in hopes of building a world-class woman-owned digital agency that always puts their people first and is pioneering a new agile design and creative process that will help their clients find success.

“The growth of Ladybugz Interactive has far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined,” said Lysa. “We became a $1M digital agency in 2022 just one year after restarting the firm. The work happening between our clients and our digital experts is remarkable, and my employees take great pride in being Ladybugz

This is all I have ever wanted — to do great work with amazing people who feel valued and can reach their personal goals. These past few years have been so much fun.”

Lysa is honored and thrilled to be appointed corporator at Main Street Bank and attributes much of her company’s growth and success to the bank. “Main Street Bank helped me grow my business and implement my version of Profit First,” said Lysa. “I got my first line of credit for my business at Main Street Bank and it meant everything to me. Main Street holds a very special place in my heart because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Her contributions reach far beyond the brick walls of the Ladybugz office and stretch deep into the roots of her hometown community in Hudson, MA. Lysa sits on the board of a local nonprofit called Fresh Start Furniture Bank. The Furniture Bank donates the items necessary to transform empty spaces into homes for families in need. She has played a foundational role in supporting this incredible nonprofit and others that include… [add a few other roles and accolades]. Lysa’s contribution to the local community and across MA places her among the most influential female leaders in her field. With a heart of gold and a spirit that won’t quit, her passion to help others is at the heart of all that she does.

Congratulations from the Ladybugz Team!

“Lysa is a rare breed. She’s not only a powerful female leader and true visionary who leads our company with compassion and excitement, but she is a changemaker,” said Billie Kenyon, Ladybugz COO. “The status quo is something she’s never been able to accept and her relentless drive, constant quest to innovate, and reach new heights is absolutely infectious. She is the real deal and is beloved by our team and throughout our community. We are so proud of her!”

About Main Street Bank

Main Street Bank is a locally run, independent mutual savings institution serving the MetroWest and northern Middlesex communities of Massachusetts. They are united under a culture that strives every day to contribute to local communities by providing customer-focused, innovative products and services for individuals, families, local businesses, and community organizations since 1860, with particular attention to education and financial well being. With branch offices in the MetroWest and North Middlesex region, Main Street Bank provides an extensive array of financial services and products for all personal and business life stages. To learn more, visit

About Ladybugz Interactive

Ladybugz Interactive is a web design and web marketing company in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. Please call us at (978) 376-7878 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our digital agency solutions. We provide web services for early growth and startup companies in Boston and across Massachusetts and beyond.

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Leanne Kennis

Leanne Kennis

With 15 years of professional writing experience in biotech, consumer, and nonprofit, Leanne is a seasoned writer and strategic thinker who infuses passion and industry knowledge into all that she does. At Ladybugz she is helping our biotech brands define their message and bring that out on their websites.

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