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Do what you love, build a freelance business using these strategies

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It’s called “Freelance” work because it frees you from the restraints of the corporate grind. It frees you financially as a venue to make more money outside your regular job. And finally, it frees you to design a career of doing what you LOVE.

Don’t dream it, just do it. You can become your own boss and increase your financial gain by becoming a successful freelancer. You can even build a freelance business.

If you want to build a business based on freelance gigs there are few strategies you should put into play so that potential employers will notice you.

Here are some recommendations to guide you to success!


When people hire you for a job, they want to know that you can do it they call your references.

But a freelance gig is different than a job interview, the company is not willing to invest time and money into you figuring out how to do something. They are looking for a proven professional who can do the job.

You must have a proven track record to take on a job that might be a short term gig that a company does not what to have to hover over you to manage. If you do this correctly, you will be chosen above other freelancers not practicing the same strategy.

Ask your clients for online testimonials on your networks such as Google Plus, Thumbtack, LInked In or Yelp. Now when potential gigs are researching, your results are displayed with a good reputation.

Another good idea is to have a list of references available so the company can in good faith hire you based on a recommendation.

If you have a website, put all of your customer testimonials there also. People are going to find you through different types of searches so it is important they tie to all the places where people find you looking for gigs.

NEVER LIE about what you can do, you will burn bridges and lose opportunities.

If you can’t do something don’t apply for the gig. Freelancing is not for those “trying to figure it out”. The person who hired you will just hire someone else as soon as they realize you aren’t keeping up your end of the bargain.


Having a solid online portfolio saves the company that is hiring you from having to do any legwork. It makes it easy for them to see your style, flavor and capabilities. Whether you are a writer, designer, developer or consultant,  having a solid online portfolio can seal the deal.

You can create a portfolio website easily using Envato Market Place, find a great WordPress or HTML theme and have them install it for you (saves time!) so you can customize a professional looking website with great functionality.

It is worth the time investing in a website that looks appealing, shows all of your work and is updated regularly.


Many employers are looking for professional web designers, writers etc. on Linked In and Twitter so joining groups and following companies and responding to them on social media is a great way to get them to notice you.

Post your work to social networks and hashtag the searches you want to come up under for freelance work.

Connect and interact with companies that would have potential work. Share their information and connect with them regularly before addressing them about Freelance work.


Using online lead generating websites such as Thumbtack, , Upwork and local websites such as Craigslist.

Build a beautiful presentation of what you do ( a website, blog etc. ) and share that and build a following to promote your services on social media.


Having a blog that you update regularly will show potential gigs that you have knowledge and help brand you as a expert in your field. Blog about subjects related to your business and the types of gigs you want to attract.


SEO your website or portfolio for important key terms and blog about the areas that really interest you, for example reasons why a web company would want to outsource, or how outsourcing can help your business. Use an SEO program such as Yoast SEO that will help guide you through the process of good on-site SEO practices.

Solicit businesses in need of help. If you find businesses online, and you feel they need help, follow them on social and interact with them. After some time, send them a personalized email telling them how you can help. This can lead to sales if the potential client has trust with you.

Use hashtags when posting your work to social channels, hashtags are to social networks as keywords are to search engines.

Using the above strategies to grow you freelance business will help you expand your networking circles, demonstrate how awesome you are, how awesome others thing you are and hopefully will help you meet your goal of a balanced, successful work life.

Happy Freelancing.

How to build your own freelance web design, development, graphic design, blogging and more.

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lysa Miller

Lysa Miller is the CEO of Ladybugz Interactive Agency in Boston MA. She is the founder of The MetroWest Women's Network and Sales Empowerment Summit for Women. She participates in many roles in her company including sales, strategy, project management, web design and growth hacking for clients. She has been featured for her expertise in CIO, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and various other online publications. She volunteers her time as a guest blogger for and to manage, to help support local businesses and the local region. Lysa is also the mother of 4 beautiful children and lives in downtown Hudson, MA, a West of Boston town noted for its booming re-gentrification and entrepreneurialism.

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