Top Boston Digital Agency Names Creative Director

Katherine Jasmine

Katherine Jasmine

Katherine Jasmine, Content Writer, has enjoyed a long career in marketing. She began as a features writer for a daily newspaper and gained expertise in marketing when working for advertising agencies. She was a partner in a marketing firm and later, Marketing Vice President for Addison Wesley Publishing NY and VP of Marketing and Research for Haights Cross Communication in MA. Katherine writes website content, blog articles, newsletters, and print marketing materials. She is a skilled interviewer, researcher, and writer who is passionate about the art of writing marketing-oriented content.

Top Boston Digital Agency Ladybugz Interactive has announced that Morgan Kropa will head up Creative Direction for the agency, bringing her expertise in several key creative areas, including branding, photography, web development, messaging, and corporate vision.

“We are so very excited to have Morgan join us, rounding out our collective partnerships of super talented, seasoned freelancers,” Miller said.

Boston Digital Agency Names Creative Director
Boston Digital Agency, Ladybugz Interactive has announced that Morgan Kropa will head up Creative Direction for the agency, bringing her expertise in several key creative areas, including branding, photography, web development, messaging, and corporate vision.

Bringing Brand Strategy + High Level B2C Design Expertise to the Table

Morgan has worked in the marketing space for over 15 years with a range of customer groups from smaller startups and solopreneurs to global corporate organizations. This journey has empowered a breadth of collaborations and critical experience in crafting brand strategy and design for clients spearheading the future of their industries. She says she especially enjoys witnessing client transformations throughout the branding process.

Kropa began her career as a communication specialist in corporate human resources, moved into business-to-business event planning and branding as a Brand Manager, and later pivoted to a position as Senior Marketing Manager for a global tableware design and manufacturing company. With this solid foundation, she was inspired to found a boutique branding freelance agency in 2011 dedicated to empowering small businesses and start-ups with accessible, high end brand strategy, design, and photography. Fast forward to 2020, an opportunity to join forces with Ladybugz manifested; a natural, powerful next chapter aligned with her mission to continue to support small business brands.     

Kropa says, “I am proud to be a part of Ladybugz Interactive for many reasons, especially because the team is dedicated in part to coaching and helping to nurture the professional development of accomplished female entrepreneurs. I am just truly inspired by the digital agency’s goal to serve and help elevate women and minority-owned businesses in their industries.”

Future Direction for this Resurrected Boston Digital Agency

Her personal vision for working as Creative Director with Ladybugz Interactive Agency is to create meaningful brand and web design that clients are not only proud of, but that is magnetic in attracting their ideal clients. She explained, “I work diligently to create an authentic brand identity for our clients, stepping into their shoes so they are not only confident, but excited as well, about the direction we are taking together.”

Morgan’s experience in working with global corporations and small business owners has taught her that with her marketing knowledge base and each client’s expertise, they can create an invaluable partnership. She guides her digital agency clients in defining and expressing their brand vision and targeting their marketing to their specific marketplace. She says, “Being crystal clear in your brand mission, unique value, and target audiences is crucial to success. When you are speaking to everyone… you are speaking to no one. You need to express the value you offer to the appropriate audience to make meaningful connections. It not only leads to growing traction and impact as you work in serving your market niche, it sets you up to scale and expand your reach.”

Modernizing a Digital Agency during Challenging Covid-19 Times

The Ladybugz Interactive Digital Agency Model is one that in the future may be the model for all Boston digital agencies to be successful. Miller explains, “The old standard of full-time employees – the 9 am to 5 pm model – no longer works. Those agencies focused on the quantity of accounts, rather than the quality of a select group of clients. We have put together for Ladybugz Interactive, a talented collective of workers with recognized expertise in their fields. In this way, we help grow our business, and that of our clients, with high quality, accessible agency support. With this new paradigm we can be affordable for our clients. We are excellent at what we do and have consistently been successful for our clients.”

Morgan Kropa says, “I am very passionate about our work. I wouldn’t choose to do anything else. I love helping people find their voice and take off in their business building journey.” 

On the Personal Side

Morgan continued her own career journey when she began freelancing in 2011 and started a family, becoming … as she explained, “the mother of twins – a baby daughter and a new business!” She says, “Mom’ing” is a full-time job,” however, she managed to start her own business while still enjoying running and yoga. She and her husband, Brian, love to go hiking, swimming, and skiing.  Morgan and Brian have since added two more children to their family and more recently, eight chickens!

Boston Digital Agency Names Creative Director

During COVID, she and Brian bought the chickens and built a custom coup to house them. “A pandemic can make you do crazy things!” she exclaimed. “The children love checking on the chickens daily, who are laying eggs like crazy!”


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