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Worcester JCC appoints Local Web Design Company COO as President of the Board

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Billie Kenyon our web design company’s fearless COO, will lead the Worcester JCC board as President.

Worcester’s beloved JCC has been an educational, health and wellness, social, and recreational staple within the greater Worcester community for over 60 years. Rooted deeply in Jewish values and culture, the Center serves children and adults of all ages, from all socioeconomic backgrounds and faiths — welcoming them into a safe, supportive, and respectful space for all to come as they are.

Billie grew up at the JCC in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and after moving to Massachusetts she joined Worcester’s JCC. She was a Board Member after graduating from Clark University and in true Billie fashion, she jumped in and helped set up the JCC’s new Facebook page and assisted with best practices. The rest was history. 

From there, Billie served on the board for 11 years, and for the past two years, she has embraced her role as Vice President. June 15th marked a momentous moment for Billie, as she gave her official speech to accept the prominent role of JCC’s new President of the Board. She was voted unanimously into the role.

“I feel like this was all destined to happen,” says Billie. “I’ve been a part of the JCC community for so long, in PA and MA, that this truly is an honor to be here.”

Billie succeeds esteemed past Presidents including, Ron Rosenstock, photography company business owner, Mary Jane Rein, Executive Director of the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University, Howard Stempler, attorney, and George Pins, Professor of Biomedical Engingeeting at WPI, who all served two-year terms over the past seven years. They worked as a cohesive team to support one another and the organization during this time. 

“We are so pleased to welcome Billie Kenyon into this role. Billie is an incredible asset to the organization and brings so much energy and enthusiasm that it is highly contagious. She is a leader by example who is one to roll up her sleeves and get to work. We are so excited to have Billie as our leader for the Board of Directors,” says Emily Rosenbaum, Worcester JCC Executive Director.

Billie Kenyon with past presidents of the Worcester JCC

An unstoppable force in our Central Massachusetts community…

Billie’s leadership throughout the greater Worcester community, just 50 miles west of Boston, is felt far and wide. In 2022, Billie was named a “40 Under Forty” by the Worcester Business Journal. She is also a proud 2023 graduate of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce Leadership Worcester Program.

Billie and Ladybugz Founder and CEO Lysa Miller are truly a formidable female duo who are both just hitting their strides. At Ladybugz, Billie is our fearless operations leader with an uncanny knack for efficiency and client relationship building. In her community, she is hyper-focused on helping others reach their full potential.

“What I love the most about the JCC is the endless support and resources it offers our community so individuals and families can reach their full potential,” says Billie. “From top-tier children enrichment and educational programs to health and fitness offerings for all, it’s a Center where people can come together to live happy and healthy lives—connected to each other and their larger community.”

Billie Kenyon, COO of Ladybugz Interactive
Billie Kenyon celebrates her new position on the Worcester JCC

And she’s just getting started

Billie has big goals for the JCC as she steps into her new role. She hopes to help lead the expansion of the JCC’s Early Childhood Center (ECC) by adding an infant room and expanded preschool rooms. This will open the JCC to more families, build a stronger pipeline, and address a strong need in the Worcester community. Early education centers and home cares struggled during COVID and many were unable to reopen. Many educators also decided to leave the field. Adding one full classroom later this year with the possibility of two more preschool rooms to follow is their goal. 

2023 for Ladybugz with Billie at the helm of operations and new business has been a smashing success, too. Since Billie joined Ladybugz, she has helped bring on over 40+ new clients. This is an extraordinary milestone for Billie and Lysa’s vision of running a world-class woman-owned digital agency in the male-dominated world of digital marketing. The two are doing it, and some, with grace and vigor.

Billie’s achievement is celebrated by all of her Ladybugz colleagues — top-level experts in web design, content creation, digital marketing, SEO optimization, photography, branding, and more. It’s not always easy to herd a group of creatives with flexible schedules who live in different locations. Billie somehow manages to do it.

Lysa was right that Billie would be the glue that holds the team together, reinforcing a culture of creativity, equity, and work-life balance. While performing her role as COO, she helps everyone bring their very best to our clients. All while having fun and understanding that we all have meaningful lives beyond our work.


“Billie is one of the most incredible people I have ever met,” says Lysa. “I can’t wait to see what her future brings!”

Billie Kenyon, COO of our Local Web Design Agency
Left to Right: The Kenyon Family – Cory, Devon, and Billie.

About the Worcester JCC

The Worcester JCC is a nonprofit community service organization founded by leadership from the greater Worcester Jewish communities and built on the values of promoting healthy lifestyles, education, lifelong learning, and charity. The JCC is very diverse in its programming, membership, and leadership and welcomes people of all backgrounds and faiths and from all walks of life. The JCC provides a welcoming place to be active, healthy, and engaged, with a vibrant community center offering recreational, educational, and fitness programs that help improve the daily lives of children, adults, families, and seniors.

Offerings at the 80,000-square-foot center include an accredited center for preschool and toddler-aged children, popular summer day camps for preschool, school-age children, and teens, licensed after-school programs, child care, and babysitting services, indoor and outdoor pools for aquatic recreation, a fitness center for cardio and strength training, over 50 fitness classes weekly, personal training and small group training, a variety of sports programs, lectures and discussion groups in literature, film, and the arts, monthly social programs, volunteering opportunities, and local events and cultural trips. 

To learn more about the JCC’s facilities and membership benefits please visit The JCC is diverse and multicultural and is a place of belonging and a home away from home for everyone.

About Ladybugz Interactive

Ladybugz Interactive is a web design and web marketing company located in Hudson, Massachusetts. We’ve served many clients in the Worcester Massachusetts area.

Please call us at (978) 376-7878 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our digital agency solutions. We provide web services for early growth and startup companies in Boston and Worcester Massachusetts and beyond.

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