Voted Best Boston Web Designer 2015 by Thumbtack

Lysa Miller

Lysa Miller

Lysa Miller is the CEO of Ladybugz Interactive Agency in Boston MA. She is the founder of The MetroWest Women's Network and Sales Empowerment Summit for Women. She participates in many roles in her company including sales, strategy, project management, web design and growth hacking for clients. She has been featured for her expertise in CIO, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and various other online publications. She volunteers her time as a guest blogger for and to manage, to help support local businesses and the local region. Lysa is also the mother of 4 beautiful children and lives in downtown Hudson, MA, a West of Boston town noted for its booming re-gentrification and entrepreneurialism.
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Ladybugz Interactive Agency of Southborough Massachusettshas has been voted by the Boston Community as the #1 Web Designer on for 2015 and awarded the 2015 badge for “#1 best web designer” Boston.

Boston Best Web Design Company as voted by Thumbtack


About Thumbtack

Seven years ago, Thumbtack set out to make it dramatically easier to hire services while at the same time empowering independent professionals to grow their businesses.

We’re now humbled to have more than 150,000 active professionals on Thumbtack who help customers accomplish 5.4 million projects each year. Today we’re honored to recognize the top professionals on Thumbtack with our Best of 2015 award.

About the Award

Thumbtack’s Best of 2015 award is a way to recognize the top professionals on Thumbtack who have earned great reviews from customers.

The award is a terrific vote of confidence from customers and a great way for professionals to stand out. We are proud to prominently feature these businesses on our website.

This year’s winners include professionals from a wide range of backgrounds:

  • 40% of winners are home service professionals while 30% of winners are events professionals
  • 40% of winners are from the east coast while 30% of winners are from the west coast
  • 60% of winners have been on Thumbtack for 1+ years


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