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Spring Fever: Time for a Web Marketing Spring Cleanup

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After a long cold winter, spring is traditionally a time for cleaning, repairing and letting a fresh breeze clear the air. That spirit of renewal and recharging can apply to a company’s web marketing plan, too. If a business has made changes to its brand or business model – and even if it hasn’t – this spring may be the perfect time to evaluate your current marketing strategy and make new plans for improvement.

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving in response to new technology and new user expectations. To keep up, businesses of all kinds must evolve, too. And that means even the most comprehensive marketing plan may need periodic upgrading. Those upgrades can range from small tweaks to existing social media and SEO strategies to sweeping changes in a brand’s core identity and mission. Here’s a look at seven key ways to give any web marketing plan a spring tune-up.

Evaluate Social Channels

Social media now plays a significant role in a company’s overall SEO strategy, so it may be time to make sure the company’s existing social presence represents the current image of its brand. Review all social media channels for consistency, activity, and engagement. Upgrade profiles and headers to reflect current brand identity, eliminate any inactive accounts and make sure the company is active and engaged on its chosen networks.

Clean Up Google Listings

Google’s My Business listings make it easy for prospective customers to locate a company and get essential information such as map locations and contact information. If those listings haven’t been updated in awhile, check the company’s Google My Business listing for accuracy and relevance. If the company has made changes to its brand, location or any other relevant contact information, implement the necessary updates for Google’s directories and maps.

Review AdWord Program Conversions

Google’s AdWord Program provides tools to track conversions on any AdWords-enabled site using a variety of metrics. As part of a spring marketing cleanup, review conversion statistics for information on how a site is performing – and make appropriate adjustments for more advertising clicks in the overall marketing plan.

Survey Your SEO Strategies

Even the most effective SEO strategy may need a few adjustments to keep up with changes to search engine algorithms and emerging trends in user behaviors. Consider the current SEO plan’s ability to respond to emerging e-commerce trends such as the surge in mobile users and the demand for personalized, real-time interactions and round-the-clock customer service.

Tune Up Your Security

Periodic security checkups are essential, and spring may be a good time to establish an annual tradition of reviewing and updating a commerce site’s security software to protect the company and its customers from hackers and identity theft. Eliminate unused accounts, change passwords and user logins, and make any recommended upgrades to site security, payment options, and other protections.

Do a Content Audit

If the current web marketing strategy contains content marketing, a spring cleaning campaign should include a review of all existing content. Check statistics to find out which pieces of content are performing well and make edits or keyword updates to poorly performing articles and posts as needed. Set up a new editorial and posting calendar, and create a list of topics for future content.

Check for Brand Consistency

Even the most established business can evolve over time in ways big and small. Consider whether the company’s current brand identity accurately reflects its niche, philosophy, and mission. Evaluate the company brand for consistency in appearance and content across all channels, and update logos, colors or content if necessary to make sure that brand is easily recognizable.

Spring may be the traditional time to re-evaluate, refresh and renew. But in the evolving world of online marketing, taking the time to assess current web marketing strategies and make required changes can be a smart move any time of the year.



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