Website design and development for Endurance Coach, Author and Motivation Speaker in North Carolina.

Endurance Sports Influencer
Custom Website Design

Website Project Overview

Tackling a new endurance coach website seemed like an overwhelming task for Coach Morgon. But for one who preaches perseverance and mental strength we knew Coach Morgon would be up for overcoming another challenge. Morgon Latimore is an endurance coach, Ironman USA spokesperson, brand representative for HOKA1, author, speaker and active US Marine. When the endurance sports figure and motivator came to our agency, his brand exposure and social presences were already growing exponentially. The next step for his business was to create a cohesive presence to promote his brand, and services along with sell books and merchandise.

Coach Website Design Challenges:

This endurance coach website design project had several requirements when it came to choosing a web design agency.

  • There was no current website to represent the current brand and assets for Coach Morgon, The People’s Coach.
  • Coach Morgon wanted to one landing place to buy books + merch, book appointments, write blog posts and capture leads.
  • There was a need to track search results, traffic and measure lead generation.
  • The website was needed to drive social users back to a community where they could interact more with Coach Morgan.
  • SEO consulting and education were important to Coach Morgon, as he wanted to capture an audience that might be looking for his services but not necessarily know his brand.

When you work with a company that exceeds your expectations and produces a product that leaves you wanting to do more work with them, then you have found a company with the passion to help you become more than you thought possible. This is what Ladybugz has done for me/us!

Coach Website Design Solutions:

  • Designed + developed a branded new WordPress website that houses all of Coach Morgon’s assets.
  • Worked closely with Coach Morgan to make sure the brand and story were cohesive to his social media presence.
  • Provided an agile design and development project that allowed Coach Morgan to be an integral part of the entire process.
  • Integrated book purchasing, an appointment booking system and lead capture and drip sales and marketing funnel.
  • Created a custom blog and implemented various feed features throughout the website.
  • Our team easily met the endurance coach’s desired project’s timeline and required budget.
  • Implemented Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics therefore providing the advanced data desired.

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