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Why WordPress?

Many clients ask this question…as we do NOT do HTML websites. We believe that using old technology is NOT the best solution for any business. Even the smallest business can benefit from WordPress because it allows THEM to cut back on maintenance costs, give them more control over marketing programs and allows blogging, ecommerce, seo and easy social media integration.

What is WordPress?
People think that WordPress is a Blog website that sits on the WordPress website. In reality, WordPress technology is open source programming to implement blog based technology onto your website. This means, you can update your own pages, add your own photos, create photogalleries, update shopping products, do your own seo, create new pages and new content, all from an easy to use web based platform taking full advantage of the “cloud”.

An HTML site or a site developed in another language is much more complex to manage and usually involves having a company or programmer make updates for you, costing you $$.

WordPress Widgets
A Widget is a mini-application you can put on your site that allows your site to maintain a specific function. For example you might have a constant contact widget, or a salesforce.com widget which allows information from your website to be delivered to those applications making managing customer information very easy.

Favorite Widgets
My favorite Widgets for WordPress include the blog subscription widget, allowing people to subscribe and receive updates when you post a new article, WP-optimize is also a favorite allowing you to update page titles, descriptions and keywords from your dashboard at your convenience. Another nice tool on WordPress is the URL editor, allowing you to name your pages whatever you like. All of this in turn helps you get recognized on Google. A sitemap widget is also helpful in getting your entire site noticed on Google. Aside from these widgets other great widgets include WP shopping cart, credit card integration, content widgets and more!!

There is so much to LOVE about WordPress. The only HTML code I am writing these days is the odd