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WordPress Web Support + Hosting

A Trusted WordPress Web Solutions Partner for your small or medium-sized company

As your web partner, Ladybugz offers support contracts as part of every project. We want to guarantee that your website is secure and up-to-par with the latest quality standards. Ladybugz takes an active role in maintaining security, quality, and performance of your website. Our clients have web support contracts in place to assist marketing teams or to manage their daily content because they don’t have a marketing team. Whatever your company needs, Ladybugz is your partner in delivering a top-quality experience for your customers, and sales growth for your business. Along with managing your website, our team supports 3rd party software integration such as HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, and Pardot. As a premium service agency, we can handle virtually any development project.

Ladybugz Interactive uses a platform that is secure and fast business website hosting. This platform ensures your website can support high volumes of traffic while remaining protected from malicious entities. offers High-Performance Caching, 30+ Global POPs, and free HTTPS. Pantheon also integrates development, testing and production environments, including a Git repository, which allows us to manage your website with efficiency and ease.

Web Support Plans

Starter Support Plan

$240 (monthly)

Our minimum standard support plan includes 24 hours per year (two hours per month) of support for proactive monitoring and updates of your WordPress website. This package ensures your site stays safe, secure and updated. If you need help with site updates, blog posts or training this covers your basic needs. You also have the option to bump up the hours in 12 hour increments as needed to include additional support.

  • 24 hours per year
  • Client portal to track time and requests
  • Preferred customer waiting times

Professional Support Plan

$625 (monthly)

This package is for medium-sized companies who need pages built, SEO upgrades, integrations and regular weekly content updates. This package can support your marketing team on both the marketing and technical sides and includes 60 hours per year (5 hours a month) of support.

  • 60 hours per year
  • Preferred customer waiting times
  • Client portal to track time and requests

Enterprise Support Plan

$2,500 (monthly)

Your enterprise marketing team requires support on both marketing and technical projects. Campaigns require landing page integration into your CRM, blog posts need constant updating and your site needs optimization for SEO. Whatever the tasks are, 20 hours a month, supports your marketing team and helps ensure the success of your enterprise web marketing goals.

  • 240 hours per year
  • Client portal to track time and requests
  • Preferred customer waiting times
  • Dedicated account manager

Website Hosting

Tier 1 - Basic Hosting

$50 (monthly)

The best choice for your basic small business WordPress website. 3 Media Web offers a safe, secure, and speedy environment to efficiently run your WordPress website and accommodate your small business online needs.

Tier 2 - Business Hosting

$125 (monthly)

An upgraded WordPress hosting solution best for medium sized companies with more pages and expanded functionality.

Tier 3 - Enterprise Hosting

$425 (monthly)

Custom web solutions and corporate websites with more traffic require expanded speed and services for their sites to run efficiently. If your site is too slow, you’ll lose leads and potential customers. To make sure that doesn’t happen, our Enterprise hosting ensures you have the fastest, most powerful website possible.

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