Continuing Education Website Redesign for Assabet After Dark in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Continuing Education
Website Redesign

Website Project Overview

Continuing Education Website Design is one of our specialties at Ladybugz Interactive. When Assabet After Dark in Marlborough, Massachusetts came to our company looking for a continuing education website redesign, we knew we were a great choice. The organization is an adult continuing education program offering a variety of trades, certified programs and expanded learning classes online. Assabet After Dark targets an audience wanting to expand their adult knowledge in a professional field or hobby.

"We really enjoyed working with the Ladybugz team and are thrilled with how the project turned out."

Assabet After Dark Logo

Continuing Education Website Redesign Needs:

This continuing education program had several needs when it came to this website redesign project.

  • The really liked the WordPress technology they were using, so they wanted to keep that in tact.
  • With all the changes in the virtual world, the organization requested a new fresh online brand to meet that need.
  • The program’s leadership wanted to add a section to highlight and feature successful of past students.
  • Assabet After Dark required a reorganization and a re-architecture to improve user-experience.
  • The team also wanted to work with a local experienced digital marketing agency they trusted and could meet in person.
  • Assabet After Dark wanted help in growing its email list to better promote its upcoming classes.
  • Last, they wanted someone who could support them with training, support and questions on an ongoing basis.

Since our team designed their first WordPress website five years ago Continuing EducationWebsite Design, we were still really familiar with the technology they were using. It made it easy for us to redesign the website. The team trusted us, so the organization decided to work with us again. Our agency has an ongoing partnership to support the non-profit with any future needs.

"They came to the table with some ideas. We didn’t really know where we wanted to go, but they were open to brainstorming and helping guide us through the process. They helped us make decisions we were unsure about and that helped move us along a lot faster than if they’d left everything up to us."

Continuing Education Website Redesign Solutions:

  • We met with the team in person, to listen to their goals and needs to help them with their redesign strategy.
  • Our design team reorganized and redesigned the new website using the WordPress technology the company already had in place. Because the theme has an easy to use page builder, it allowed us to easily design new pages, with minimal development.
  • The website redesign was completed in an expedited timeline,  weeks before the desired completion date.
  • Our design team implemented some new features to help grow and promote the website including a more enhanced newsletter subscription box and messaging.
  • We implemented new feature pages to highlight successful past students, that can easily be added to and managed.
  • Ladybugz Interactive continues to be a resource for the continuing education education by providing ongoing consulting, training or implementation as needed.


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