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Media Grid Portfolio Builder for WordPress

This month Ladybugz Interactive Agency had the opportunity to work with Advertising Agency Turtle Transit in Lancaster MA. Turtle had a very specific diretion for their website one which included a portfolio option featuring mosaic tiles that could be managed and organized from an easy user interface.

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Because this sounded like a custom programming project for us, we decided to leave this part to the last. When the time came to develop this part of the project, we searched for WordPress Plugins that might be able to meet this need.

Upon our research we found Media Grid WordPress Responsive Portfolio by LCWEB which has proven to be one of my new favorite plugins for WordPress.

The Media Grid Portfolio Builder for WordPress has proven to be a very easy solution for clients to manage their portfolio options.

The application is completely responsive and makes it easy to manage layouts within the Lightbox option.

First of all setting up the portfolio in the grid is simple. Each portfolio page is setup as an Item within the portfolio. The portfolio allows for multiple layouts and formats. These also include video and pulling in outside URLS. The layout can also be designed with multiple images, a single image and offers various text layouts. This works beautifully on mobile and tablets also.

The grid builder is the best part of this plugin, although it is meant for mosiac type designs, you can drag and drop easily and format the mosaic any style you want with various shapes and sizes.

We customized the plugin a little more than most developers would but LC Web was great with support and has helped us solve any issues we have had.

The cost of the Plugin is only $18 and it will be the best $18 you will ever spend. This saved us time and money with custom development and again, this worked beautifully with the responsive theme we used for the website.

You can purchase Media Grid Builder here.

You can check out the portfolio grid on www.turtletransit.com.

Here is the Media Grid Builder as shown on Iphone and IPAD


View of the Portfolio Lightbox in the Media Grid Builder