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Named Among Best SEO Companies in Boston in 2022 by SEOBlog

Aya Lanzoni

Aya Lanzoni

Aya leads digital marketing accounts along with analytics reporting for our B2C + B2C clients. She works with the content team to produce lead generating, brand building, and SEO savvy digital programs that yield big results for our clients.

Top Rated SEO Agency in Boston 2022 LadybugzThe best SEO companies in Boston have been named by SEO Blog for 2022, and our digital agency has been named among those at the top of the list.

Ladybugz Interactive Agency is a recognized Boston-based web design and digital marketing company with more than 15 years of industry experience. Our team of experts goes above and beyond to help businesses strategize their SEO and succeed in this competitive digital marketplace. 

Since we started working with Ladybugz, they have brought great value to our business. I personally have worked with someone from digital content and SEO, social media, marketing, and the CEO and project manager. All exceptional at their jobs!

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We take an agile approach to brand and data-driven marketing solutions

As a small Boston SEO company, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations with data-driven marketing solutions that produce big results. Our dedication to client success has allowed us to become one of the most trusted digital marketing service providers in the area. Recently, ranked our firm among the best SEO Companies in Boston in 2022.

More and more companies are realizing the importance of SEO for their businesses. We are seeing companies that five years ago would not even be trying to attract companies online. They are extending their budgets to make SEO a major part of demand gen. Although SEO is more competitive than it was, your client is a unique persona looking for a specific product or service. In local B2C and B2B, we have seen huge success with our SEO clients.

Lysa Miller, Founder, Ladybugz Interactive Agency

Consistent top-notch SEO and digital marketing services

Throughout the years, we’ve consistently delivered top-notch SEO and digital marketing services. This has allowed local businesses to compete against larger national brands. We continuously improve our processes to ensure our clients’ investments pay off down the road. 

They optimized the website in a way that it’ll show up organically to people who’re searching for our type of service. We like how they take the time to explain the process to us — they’re very results-driven and highly communicative.

AW Puma Construction, a trustworthy SEO news resource and directory for the best SEO companies, published the “2022 Best Boston SEO Companies in the United States” in late June. SEOblog’s digital marketing analysts ranked each SEO agency based on key qualitative and quantitative factors in its ranking system.  This also includes verified online reviews, portfolio, website performance and expert certifications.

Since onboarding the Ladybugz Interactive Agency team, the company saw immediate positive effects on their site speed, usability, and architecture. The website saw an approximate 200% increase in traffic. Also, improvements to their SERP rankings thanks to the team’s SEO efforts.

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Happy to be recognized for our hard-earned SEO efforts

We are pleased to be acknowledged among the best Boston SEO companies by thanks to our clients, partners and team. We are super grateful for the support in our women-owned digital agency over the years. 

We ultimately choose Ladybugz because their strategy to improving our SEO was smart and effective. In addition, we felt that in just a few short meetings they understood our brand and our value to our community.

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What is the agency’s secret sauce to successful SEO results?

In an interview with, a multi-location medical practice client stated that since partnering with our Boston digital agency, the company’s first-page keywords have increased by 150%, while organic keywords have grown by 55%.

“The team works collaboratively and is ecstatic about new topics. They hold scheduled monthly meetings and are always available,” said the president and CEO of Medi Tresse, Michael DiStefano.

Not every business’s SEO status or plan is going to look the same. The key to early SEO success is recognizing what negative factors you need to tackle first and what positive ones you can work on simultaneously. That is called “working from where you are,” as opposed to implementing a whole new strategy for new growth and new terms.

“We like to work on the opportunities presented to us and build more authority before fully jumping into a new content strategy,” says Miller. “Once we have some results there, we will continue to build on those opportunities and then look for new ones that are not presented.”

From a local SEO perspective, Medi Tresse had varying opportunities that were immediately addressed and moved the needle forward almost immediately. In working with that client for only six months now, we have seen unlimited growth but we also continue to see challenges.

But it is all about customization. What works for one customer does not work for another. So ongoing reviews (monthly) and brainstorming sessions with the client really help identify opportunities that would not be presented in data or tools. Thinking hard and creatively for the client is the secret ingredient, along with working iteratively on month-to-month sprints.

Please call us at (978) 376-7878 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our SEO and web marketing solutions. You can also write a review on about your experience with Ladybugz Interactive Agency by clicking here.

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