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Google Plus for Small and Medium Sized Businesses in MA

5 Reasons You Should be Using Google+ for your Business

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For some time now, many small companies have been poo-pooing the use of Google +. But, today many experts are coming forward to say it’s time to hop on board.

For the past year or so Google has been transitioning to the use of “Google +” which is the “Google Maps” listing that shows up in search function right hand side of  “Google Search” results.

“Google Places” still exists, but the goal of Google is to have all businesses listed on it’s “Google +” pages.

Eastern Security Inc. Google Plus

Eastern Security Inc. Google Plus

For some companies it has been hard to “verify” your “Google+’ listing or some have had issues showing up with the “Plus listing” showing on the right side of Google Search pages (and I feel sorry for you!) But for those who have successfully been able manage their page, the results have been great.

Here are my FIVE Top reasons why you need to be on this Social Media Platform.

1. It’s Free!

Free is always good and if you don’t have a budget, using as many free tools as possible is the ONLY way to get your business out there on social media and onto search engines.

2. It’s part of the Google Network.

That means, it ties into the Google Search alogorithm somehow, we are not exactly sure of how it currently ties is, but Google would not have created it if it did not plan to make it part of the search algorithm.

3. It’s customizable!!

That’s right once you claim and own your Google + page, you can customize pictures and posts to make your page fit your brand.

4. You can Link to it!

From your website, from your Facebook page or any of your other networks, you can put code for the Google+ page up to help build your following.

5. You can Hashtag!

Yes you can, you can use hashtags similar to that of Facebook and Twitter. Hashtags are then indexed on Google for both Search and once Google Users are logged in, your search rankings will increase drastically!

This is a great way to target your audience.


Check out some of these great Google + pages.

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